What We Do

While Pilates is considered a form of exercise, it is also known to be a tool for rehabilitation.


Clients who are overall healthy can do Pilates as a form of fitness, to challenge their strength, mobility, balance, core control... (the list goes on)


But did you know that people who have had injuries, people with scoliosis, back problems, hip problems, knee problems and other spinal problems can use Pilates to speed up their recovery process?

Change happens through movement and movement heals.

At POP Pilates Method, our teachers are qualified to handle clients with problems.


If you have scoliosis, have had injuries, muscular discomfort or pain, the teachers at POP Pilates are happy to help. Our studio is also well-equipped to handle anyone with problems.


  • Monik

    "I feel good about myself and I move better now.. I have less pain during my period, less back pain in the morning, and I no longer need regular massage/ reflexology!"

  • Febbiana

    "I have more body awareness and I feel my posture has improved. My body is stronger, especially my core. I sleep better after exercise. My back feels stretched."

  • Frans

    "I feel more confident and I move better. My legs and core are stronger. My metabolism has improved. I have overcome my weakness and fear and I am not afraid to look in the mirror anymore!"